Farming in Sub-Saharan Africa

3. 12. 2017
12.12. 2017,  from 5:00 pm in Ceremony Hall

Will be performed a short movies about farming in Sub-Saharan Africa. Also will be presented some projects where our students and teachers are participating and at last but not least will be the discussion on the program.

Areas of interest will be mainly Ghana, Zambia and South Africa.

We can disscuss about:
– how it looks in the selected countries at all
– what problems are there
– what is the potential there
– how can we help
– how Africa can help us …

English will be the negotiating language, because of participation of foreign students and teachers (with the possibility of translation into Czech on request).

We believe that by this action we will break down the light learning stress in 12. week of the semester 😉

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