Master’s study

Important deadlines

Submission of applicationsDecember 4th, 2023 – April 4th, 2024
Entrance examinationApril 2024
Study enrollmentSeptember 2024 (to be specified)
An alternative enrolment date may be set no later thanOctober 15th, 2024

What’s the news?

Admission process

  • Application fee (submitting application in the UIS and related administrative procedures): CZK 0 Kč
  • Tuition fee for 1 academic year in the english study programme General Agriculture in English: CZK 80.000 Kč
  • Verification for the purpose of admission procedure: CZK 900 Kč

Rector´s order 13/2020 (to be added)

  1. Fill in the e-application for studies in the information system.
  2. The application will be included in the admission process if all application sections in the information system are identified as complete. 
  3. If there is anything that needs to be completed, the study officer will contact the applicant to complete the missing documents. Therefore, keep an eye on your e-mail. 


Eva Klepáčková
Student administration officer
Dean’s Office: building C – ground floor

Ph.D. study

Important deadlines

Submission of applicationsbefore 20 May 2024
Entrance examination26 June 2024
Study enrollment12 September 2024

Admission process

  • Fill in an e-application form in the system before 20 May 2024.
  • Applications are entered into the admission process:
    • when all sections of the application form in the Information System are marked as complete,
    • when receipt of the ‘Application Supplementary Information’ form has been confirmed by a student administration officer.
  • If any of the particulars in the application form are incomplete, the student administration officer will ask the applicant to supply the missing information. For that reason, make sure to check your email address.
  • The leader of the dissertation is the doctoral student’s supervisor.
  • Part of the application includes choosing a topic for the doctoral dissertation and the supervisor. All applicants shall enter ‘Free topic’ in the application and mark the Chair of the Doctoral Studies Board of the relevant degree programme as the supervisor.
  • A specific topic and the name of a supervisor must be selected from the list provided on the FA MENDELU website (below) and entered in the ‘Application Supplementary Information’ form.
  • Upon agreement with the supervisor, the name of a dissertation can be changed during the entrance examination.
  • Once the students are enrolled, the name of their supervisor and of the dissertation will be changed in the study records.
List of supervisors and specific topics
  • An officially certified copy of a foreign degree certificate and its certified translation produced by a sworn translator.
  • An officially certified copy of a nostrification clause on the recognition of higher education in the Czech Republic; alternatively, an assessment of foreign education conducted by Mendel University.
  • A confirmation of payment of study fees (80 000 CZK per academic year).


Šárka Starobová
Student administration officer
Dean’s Office: building C – ground floor

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