AgriSciences MENDELU is a partner of European Animal Management and Sustainability (EURAMA)

18. 7. 2019
A new director Dr. Tiago TEIXEIRA DA SILVA SIQUEIRA visited us in July

The Faculty of AgriSciences is involved in the EURAMA (European Animal Management) consortium (from 2006), which is the holder of the international study program of the same name. The two-year study in English is intended for students with a bachelor’s degree. The first year of study is the same for all participants: one semester is spent teaching at Purpan University in Toulouse, France, and one at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The second year is a “specialization year” and its content is a practical internship and writing a thesis. The outcome of the study is an internationally recognized diploma awarded by the University of Wageningen with the title “MSc in Animal Sciences and Aquaculture”. Detailed information on individual options can be found on the faculty’s international department.


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