Studies in doctoral programmes at the Faculty of AgriSciences


  • Doctoral studies are accredited for four year cycles and over 300 students currently study and research for their PhD at the Faculty of Agronomy.
  • The PhD programmes are comprised of independent research in a team under a supervisor and compilation of doctoral thesis based on the research carried out.


The four-year study in programmes

Applied and Landscape Ecology D-AKE-EN prof. Dr. Ing. Milada Šťastná EN
Applied Bioclimatology D-ABK-EN prof. Ing. Zdeněk Žalud, Ph.D. EN
Applied Zoology D-AZO-EN doc. Ing. Josef Suchomel, Ph.D. EN
Biological Chemistry D-BCH-EN prof. RNDr. Vojtěch Adam, Ph.D. EN
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Physiology of Animals D-MBGFZ-EN prof. RNDr. Aleš Knoll, Ph.D. EN
Molecular Physiology, Genetics and Biotechnology of Plants D-MFGBR-EN prof. RNDr. Břetislav Brzobohatý, CSc. EN
Animal Production - ON REQUEST D-OSZ-EN - EN
Special Plant Production - ON REQUEST D-SPR-EN - EN


Fee for studying in English


According to the Rector´s Resolution no. 13/2020 the studies in english will be subject to payment stipulated in the contract between the student and the MENDEL University.

ProgrammeFee in CZK
Applied and Landscape Ecology in process
Applied Bioclimatology in process
Applied Zoology in process
Biological Chemistry in process
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Physiology of Animals in process
Molecular Physiology, Genetics and Biotechnology of Plants in process
Animal Production - ON REQUEST in process
Special Plant Production - ON REQUEST in process


  • Ideal for Masters with agricultural, food production, agriculture machinery and scientific educational background.
  • The study plan – 3 specialized exams from prescribed courses offer and English language exam. Publishing and scientific activities by field. Passing of Final state exam, Disertation Thesis and Defence of Disertation Thesis.
  • Successful students will be awarded a doctoral's degree have the right to use the title "doctor"; Ph.D.


Admission process


Application process open from 21. 2. 2022 to 9.5.2022
Entrance exams to PhD studies from 22. 6. 2022
Official date for enrollment to studies

from 15/9/2022 - date of enrollment for foreign students will be individual on the basis of obtaining visa.

The teaching for doctoral studies begins Semptember 2022


E-application with mandatory attachment form needs to be sent or brought in person to the following address:

Bc. Alena Martauzová, Study Department of the Faculty of AgriSciences, Mendel University in Brno, Zemědělská 1, 613 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Information on the application process and fees - the enrolment process starts mid-February 2022 - in preparation


Conditions for study

  • Master degree (prior education in Agriculture, Biology, Food Technology, Chemistry, Botany or Agriculture Machinery or similar) – recognized, see below.
  • Payment of tuition fee, see below.
  • Choose the topic for Disertation Thesis from „Topic for thesiss a contact appropriate supervisor“.

After that you can fill in the e-application. The e-application must be delivered with required annexes. Your application form has to be signed by the supervisor, which will be seen to by the administrative staff of the Faculty.

For online application please go to: or

Click on button „E- přihláška“ See the Guide „Information on the application process and fees“.

Recognition of previous foreign education „Nostrification“

Nostrification is an obligatory condition required by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic for students who apply for degree programmes. The recognition is provided by the official authorities.

Applicants for the doctoral level study must prove the recognition of their master education which is arranged by public universities in the Czech Republic according to the study field.

You can try to nostrification on MENDEL University ( or Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic

To apply for the recognition the PhD applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Application for recognition
  • Master diploma – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication)
  • Transcript of records – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication)

All required documents must be translated into English or Czech. For the successful recognition the regular duration of the master study must be at least 4 semesters!

The fee for recognition of your previous study is 3 000 CZK and must be paid before the recognition procedure. The payment detail will be shared with the student by the nostrification office at Mendelu.

Types of Authentication


There are three types of authentication of your documents divided by the countries where the education has been achieved and where the university diploma has been issued:

  1. States that have signed a multilateral agreement on legal assistance – documents are valid on the territories of the signatory states without need of further authentication; an officially authenticated copy of the diploma and its official translation are required.
  2. States that are signatories to the Apostille Convention for simplified authentication of public documents (the Hague Convention). An apostille is a unified form of authentication of documents issued by the competent administrative body of the state in which the diploma was issued.
  3. Other countries – the documents attesting to the completion of a degree course must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country of the foreign higher education institution that has issued the document, and the diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic in the country concerned.

Please, be aware that delivered documents will not be returned to you after a nostrification process so please, submit officially authenticated copies not original documents.

We cannot accept any original documents. Please make always notarized COPY of your documents and then add the necessary authentications.

Further information can be found here:

Please read these instructions carefully. If you are serious about studying in the Czech republic, start gathering authorized documents as soon as you put in an application as this proces sis time consuming!

VISA information

As a full time student you should apply for long-term residence permit (for the purpose of studies). The visa application should cost you 2 500 CZ. Official information leaflet for visa applicants from the Ministry of Interior can be found here:

For the visa application you will receive from us the following documents:

  • contract for the accomodation,
  • admission letter,
  • confirmation of your studies (with the study program and dates),
  • payment confirmation (proof that you have payed the first year tuition fees) – this document is not required so sometimes we just send it scanned in an email,
  • hard copy of the entrance exam result letter (only students who did the entrance exam from 1st August 2019 onwards),
  • hard copy of the nostrification certificate (in case we assisted with that).

All incoming degree students have to arrange a travel health insurance with one of the health insurance companies (VZP, Slavia) cooperating with Mendel university. Both companies have the COVID-19 related situations already covered in the complex travel health insurance. This insurance is usually required once your visa is approved and you are about to get the visa confirmation in your passport/etc. In some countries you will need to have the travel health insurance while submitting the admission documents for visa, see the information at the embassy in your country. You can find information about the health travel insurance companies cooperating with Mendel university:


Students can be refunded their tuition fee in case of visa refusal or other issues. You will be given the refund if you send us the scanned copy of your visa refusal letter. If you have any other reason for cancelling your application (personal, not being able to get the appointment for visa interview etc.) you will have to wait for the refund till your admission documents expire.

Refund will be calculated as follows:

  • for the applicants for Masters program we will deduct CZK 3 000 as the administrative fee plus also all the costs of DHL (we do not deduct the nostrification fee because you pay this separately).


Contact person: Bc. Alena Martauzová


Candidates for PhD study may choose from:


If you are interested in studying for PhD please contact the head of specialist board of the field you want to study with your CV and research proposal.

Applied and Landscape Ecology

Applied Bioclimatology

Applied Zoology

Biological Chemistry

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Physiology of Animals

Molecular Physiology, Genetics and Biotechnology of Plants

Animal Production

Special Plant Production