University is situated in the country’s second largest city, in the heart of sunny South Moravia, on the confluence of three rivers. Its unparalleled position means that other major European capitals are within a two-hundred-kilometre radius: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava, while Budapest is not much further away.

Brno has an excellent city transport network and you can get more or less anywhere within the city by tram, bus, trolleybus or if you like a boat. The city boasts an efficient transport network of tram, bus and trolleybus lines and students under the age of 26 enjoy discounted fares.

The city is a well-connected transport hub with an international airport with regular flights to London, Eindhoven or Moscow serving mostly as a tourist airport. With trains and coaches you can set of in any direction and travel easily all-round the country and abroad, for instance Vienna centre is only some two hours away.  You can live in Brno and visit the world.

Brno offers students both culture and fun. Besides theatres, museums and art galleries, the city itself organizes many fun events for its inhabitants and tourists, regular food, music and seasonal markets in the centre, science fairs and museum nights, literary and film festivals, Ignis Brunensis – fireworks festival, VIDA – science park and others. Brno observatory is equipped with a top of the range digitarium and apart from regular shows in English, also provides a ground for science days with the help of Brno universities

This historical city is a great starting place for trips to the country. Brno’s north is covered in forests, largely maintained by the University while the south is more rural and agricultural. Castles and chateaux can be easily reached by train as well as the Moravian Karst – not just a system of caves but also beautiful forests for cycling, climbing or just walks with friends.


Useful local information:

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