To get dining halla better idea of students’ living costs in Czech Republic you ought to primarily consider prices of accomodation, transport and food.

You can apply for accommodation in MENDELU dormitories. The accommodation is usually around CZK 3500, i.e. some EUR130 per month. Price list can be found at dormitory webpages. Students can have meals in dormitory or campus canteens. If you are interested in taking the dormitories, please read:

Students who do not want to stay in dormitories may arrange a flat share/rent where the costs are a little higher.

Brno has an excellent public transport and the university campus is on line of trams, buses and trolleybuses. To get some idea of prices, students under 26 of age will pay CZK275 per month travel pass that will take them all over the city and to selected nearby satellite villages.

The cost of food per months can be anticipated at around EURO30 per month.
To get a better idea, the approximate prices of a sample of food:

dining hall

  • price of bread about CZK26
  • milk about CZK23 per litre
  • yoghurt CZK12
  • butter CZK30
  • rice CZK45 per kilo
  • bananas CZK25-30 per kilo
  • McDonald menu about CZK115
  • priority letter for instance to India is about CZK50

Students can use canteens at dormitories as well as in the campus where they can choose from several meals on offer every day. There is a buffet and pizzeria within the campus and a range of cafés and restaurants in close vicinity.


To get to know BRNO better you can use this fun use-it map.