Faculty of AgriSciences (fomerly Faculty of Agronomy) celebrates 100th anniversary of its foundation in 2019. We have always tried to deliver the best education and teach the most useful skills for practical use in agricultural and food industries. Agriculture is essential for the future of mankind and we have to adapt to the changing environmental conditions. To achieve this we need good specialists in research and practical skills who can navigate through competitive demands of the present age. We strive for innovative approach to sustainable farming and environmental care and it is our mission to pass this vision to our students.


Currently, the Faculty of AgriSciences offers study programs at all levels of study (16 Bachelor’s, 18 Master’s and 13 Doctoral Programmes and Specializations) taught in Czech. Besides the traditional agricultural fields these programs cover Biotechnology, Foods, Agribusiness, Ecology and Machinery.


The university has built several new facilities to create even better teaching environment. According to their specialisation, students have hands-on experience in the food technology pavilion with its start-to-finish meat or dairy production and complete bakery, experimental breweries and other. Zoology department offers modern teaching premises including ossarium, autopsy room, or for instance large water tanks for warm and cold water fish. Other students use large glasshouses with phytotrons, well-equipped workshops for mobile technology or bio-gas station to name just a few. As it is important to see the reality beyond theoretical information, students take field trips to visit farms, among others our own farm in Žabčice.


If you are interested to come as a research scientist, teacher or a student for training/internship, please check out and contact the head of department directly.


Department of Plant Biology

Department of Applied and Landscape Ecology

Department of Agrosystems and Bioclimatology

Department of Crop Science, Breeding and Plant Medicine

Department of Agrochemistry, Soil Science, Microbiology and Plant Nutrition

Department of Animal Nutrition and Forage Production

Department of Morphology, Physiology and Animal Genetics

Department of Zoology, Fisheries, Hydrobiology and Apiculture

Department of Molecular Biology and Radiobiology

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Engineering

Department of Technology and Automobile Transport

Department of Food Technology

Department of Animal Breeding

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry