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Quo vaditis agriculture, forestry and society under Global Change?

8. 6. 2017 -

International conference, 2nd - 4th October 2017,  Velké Karlovice

Quo vaditis agriculture, forestry and society under Global Change?

International conference
2nd - 4thOctober 2017
Velké Karlovice (Czech Republic), Valachy Resort


This year, the Global Change Research Institute CAS - CzechGlobe is marking the 20th anniversary of intensive research into the concerns regarding global change, carbon cycle and ecophysiology of production processes in plants. This research began to develop at the former Institute of Landscape Ecology and later at the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology. Since 2010, when the center of excellence CzechGlobe was established through the OP RDI, the global change research has expanded to the research into the climate development and climate modeling as well as research into the impacts of global change on the development and behavior of society.

Since the very beginning, most GCRI research activities have been linked to the participation in international projects of framework programs, thanks to which we managed to participate in the solution of the current and urgent issues related to the impending global change. Thanks to the participation in a project of 5th Framework Programme in 1997, we were able to officially put into the operation the cultivation lamellar mini-domes at the experimental station Bily Kriz. At that time they were the world's unique device enabling the cultivation of a part of a forest stand in the atmosphere of doubled CO2 concentrations and thus simulate the conditions expected, according to the forecasts on the climate development, in about 50 years. Opening the lamellar mini-domes not only was one of the impulses towards the start of a political debate in the Czech Republic about the very existence of global change and the human share in it, but it also helped to gain awareness of the issues among the general public.

In connection with this significant anniversary, we decided to organize an international scientific conference titled Quo vaditis agriculture, forestry and society under global change?“